Blue Venado
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Blue Venado Beach Club

Restaurant and Bar

Beach Club

We are open every day from 9 AM to 7 PM, or if you have an event reservation, until late at night. The restaurant is located under our fine Palapa in front of the Caribbean Sea. We have over 30 mahogany tables and 120 chairs that mix wood and high-tech style. All our furnishing is in fact a mixture of rustic and modern styles. On one side of the Palapa there is our huge drinks bar with classical caribbean swings where you can enjoy our exotic cocktails. Our restaurant offers a menu that fusions de flavor of italian mediterranean cuisine with a more broad and international concept.


At our Beach Club you will always find a proffesional, cheerful crew. Our staff speaks your language, and our organizational structure is known for its proffesionalism, with more than fifteen years of experience at the coolest spots around the globe.


We cover an area of over 15.000 m2 (45.000 sq. ft.) in front of the sea, that is subdivided in the following manner: A spacious Palapa with Restaurant area, Bar and Deck, Beach Area with twenty parasols and sixty beach-bunks, Lounge area with sofas and beds, Relax area with hammacks and massage service, Sports area with water and ground tours, Kid's area, Tropical Garden with a bridge and a waterfall, bathrooms, showers and private parking lot.


This is a place where you can relax, have fun, and enjoy an excellent meal and drinks in a spectacular atmosphere with incredible colors, surrounded by an exhuberant topical garden and our un-touched beach, all elements that make Blue Venado Beach Club a natural paradise in the mexican Caribbean. We are unique in our style because we keep, day by day, the balance between nature, comfort and taste. A perfect scenery, with an international level fusion-based mediterranean cuisine.

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